A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a 2 to 4 player bumper car game in space. 

It is last man standing.

hold B to charge a boost attack, hold for maximum 3 seconds for maximum effectiveness.

The stage will occasionally release health or bomb items, health can be picked up but beware the bombs!

this game requires at least 2 players and pc controllers to play, it can support up to 4 players.

credits goes to:

Adam Beardsley - 3d artist

Kadeem Delpeache - 3d/2d artist

Nicole Defreitas - 3d artist

Brock Thompson - 3d artist

Andrew wong - 3d artist

Nick Komarnicki - sound designer

Jason Ko - programmer/game designer

Install instructions

Should be playable by opening exe.

you will need pc controllers to play.


Bumperz.zip 20 MB